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Ditta U. Krebs

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Specialties: Spain, Mallorca,

Contact Info:
Ditta U. Krebs
D-55286 Wörrstadt
Germany | Europe
Cell DE +49 - (0)171 - 1547503
Phone UK +44 - (0)20 - 32 39 77 66
Skype: fotostock-mallorca
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Ditta U. Krebs, a german freelance photographer, 1999-2011 lived on Mallorca, now living in Rheinhessen and traveling to the island.

FOTOSTOCK.EUrope | FOTOSTOCK SPAIN | FOTOSTOCK MALLORCA is her picture library with more than 100.000 photos of Germany, France, Italy, but specially of Spain - the spanish mainland, Canary Islands and Majorca - and Rhein-Hesse, Germany.

The subjects include: nature & landscape, beaches & mountains, cities & villages, architecture & fine art, religious & cultural festivities, celebrities & events, food & beverages, sports & recreation and also typical stock photos of stills, symbols and abstracts.

The offer is directed to graphic designers, picture researches, photo editors and art buyers especially in the tourism sector for editorial and coporate use in print and web.

Here you can directly license and download digital files. High res images of 35 mm slides and negatives are available in max. 48 hours.

Photo assignments in Germany and Spain on request.

Use the online search here and if you can't find the image your are looking for, send her a request (english, español, deutsch).

My projects:

... in Rheinhessen
Fotostock Mallorca (de)
Fotoblog Mallorca
Foto - Internet - Text
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I recommend:

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Search Archive:

FOTOSTOCK Rheinhessen
Bildarchiv mit Motiven aus Rheinhessen:

Rhine-Hesse, Germany
Stock photos of Mallorca (Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain) for licensed use in print and web...
Stock photos of Spain (Europe) for licensed use in print and web projects.
For photo and...
Stock photos of Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and non specific images like food,...

all images ©1999-2016 Ditta U. Krebs
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Friedrich Ebert-Str. 80, D-55286 Wörrstadt | Germany | Europe
Cell: +49 - (0)171 - 154 75 03 | UK: +44 - (0)20 - 32 39 77 66
Fax +49 - (0)911 - 308 440 7012 | Skype: fotostock-mallorca
all rights reserved - for photo and quote requests contact me in english, en español, in deutsch
Photoblog of Majorca:
Member of Freelens e.V. (de), Editorial Photographers (en) Registered & Protected

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